2017 was a jungle which I have explored many trails and paths, which leads me to an awesome views, and location inside the jungle. I have encountered some person, which are also exploring the wilderness of the jungle some of them aide us through the jungle and some of them made our exploration difficult, but at the end we reached the exit from, which we have became a strong person a person which can improvise enable us to made the things we needed to survive. This 2018 we will light up the sky and bring sparkles in everyone’s eyes


  1. SunFlower from Sirao Garden Little Amsterdam Cebu City Cebu
  2. Pork Samgyeopsal at Korean Grill Harbor Point Ayala Mall
  3. An Annie Hextech Version @ Rampage 2017 (cosplayer Gali Cry)
  4. Omega Squad Teemo @ Rampage 2017 (cosplayer Mari Chan)
  5. Last sunset shot of 2017 Subic Bay Freeport Zone